Tuesday, 1 May 2012


My, not actually concept, but the area of focus is " CONTINUITY". I bought some A4 canvas board and started working with it. I used Acrylic inks and water as mediums for my work. I didnot planned anything and just started working- mixing inks, dripping them, mixing them with water. using masking taps. I liked it a lot because they were really experimental and had vivid and bright colours.

This are the combinations of small canvases that i placed together to see how it looks in a form of a collage.
These experiments of mine worked on quite well so i though of doing it more on a larger scale. Some of my friends gave a review that "GRAVITY" may be one of my concept. I would like to develope this patterns on some other surface rather than canvase where i feel freedom for colours to flow on its own.

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