Tuesday, 1 May 2012


One of our modules for second semester was a collaboration video project. We could do either installation or performance or video or a combination of all these but we had to present our work in the form of video. I teamed up with Markos Sotiriou, Mary Savva and effy Ioannou.

With our continuous discussions and interactions, we came up with an idea of making huge screen with papers we got from print makin. On the huge screen, we planned of casting shadows and create something like cinematic- theatrical experience. After we had the screen ready, a series of experiments had begun ranging from dancing in circular motion behind the screen and creating interesting shadows to performing live for our colleagues.

Furthermore, we created small experiments, exploring the nature of shadows and the implication of sound in video. We even trid painting on screen through the postures made on the screen by the shadows. All these experiments actually helped us in bringing out some really innovative and contemporary ideas.Our final video though had something which was not in relation with the screen.We wore pillowcases on our heads, went out and started spinning our heads in various places.

 Through working in collaboration, i really had a good opportunity to widen my thoughts and think in more creative and broad way. I also learned how to direct different ideas towards a productive way. From a point of view, this activity is important for an artist to establish relationships and connections with another artist.It focuses more on co-operation rather than competiiton to achieve a shared vision. Overall, with good and efficient team effort, our presentation was successful.

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