Tuesday, 1 May 2012


John Baldessari is an american conceptual artist. His work is mainly centered in photographic images. Initially he incorporated texts and photography into his canvases. He worked in different mediums like printmaking, film, video, installation, sculpture, and photography.

His series Noses and Ears, etc: The Gemini Series was done in 2006 where he edits all the details of the face except from the noses and ears and then combines it with solid colors thus transforming it into a silhoutte. He either covers the whole face with a colorful dot or just highlights the nose and the ear by obscuring specific portions of the face.

 As a practitioner i find this art work very interesting because it intrigues the mind of a viewer in a way. It also grab's one's attention. The way he manipulates the photograph by streesing only on the nose and the ear makes it a fascinatiing piece of work. His work creates an anxiousness forcing us to think who might be the person behind the image. All these image looks quite flat to me. The second picture from the right on the top depicts range of abstraction, from face, which is in single colour to the tie and the shirt, which is extract detail.

Baldessari is genius at peeling things of their normality- their context, their form, their background and their situation- and then seeing what emerges. He is trying to exclude common view of the people.

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