Tuesday, 1 May 2012


My, not actually concept, but the area of focus is " CONTINUITY". I bought some A4 canvas board and started working with it. I used Acrylic inks and water as mediums for my work. I didnot planned anything and just started working- mixing inks, dripping them, mixing them with water. using masking taps. I liked it a lot because they were really experimental and had vivid and bright colours.

This are the combinations of small canvases that i placed together to see how it looks in a form of a collage.
These experiments of mine worked on quite well so i though of doing it more on a larger scale. Some of my friends gave a review that "GRAVITY" may be one of my concept. I would like to develope this patterns on some other surface rather than canvase where i feel freedom for colours to flow on its own.


3 days in BERLIN were really memorable days of my life. I didnot wanted to come back to hatfield. We had great experience going around the galleries and museums and even the life of berlin. Jewish memorial was the most interesting place for me. I had a cold feeling gettin into this place.


One of our modules for second semester was a collaboration video project. We could do either installation or performance or video or a combination of all these but we had to present our work in the form of video. I teamed up with Markos Sotiriou, Mary Savva and effy Ioannou.

With our continuous discussions and interactions, we came up with an idea of making huge screen with papers we got from print makin. On the huge screen, we planned of casting shadows and create something like cinematic- theatrical experience. After we had the screen ready, a series of experiments had begun ranging from dancing in circular motion behind the screen and creating interesting shadows to performing live for our colleagues.

Furthermore, we created small experiments, exploring the nature of shadows and the implication of sound in video. We even trid painting on screen through the postures made on the screen by the shadows. All these experiments actually helped us in bringing out some really innovative and contemporary ideas.Our final video though had something which was not in relation with the screen.We wore pillowcases on our heads, went out and started spinning our heads in various places.

 Through working in collaboration, i really had a good opportunity to widen my thoughts and think in more creative and broad way. I also learned how to direct different ideas towards a productive way. From a point of view, this activity is important for an artist to establish relationships and connections with another artist.It focuses more on co-operation rather than competiiton to achieve a shared vision. Overall, with good and efficient team effort, our presentation was successful.


Keith tyson is a british artist (August 23, 1969) and the winner of turner prize in 2002. He works in wide range of media like painting, drawing and installation. Science has always been an inspiration for him. For his latest work, which is an inspiration for me, he poured the paint on aluminium and letting the natural process do the rest.
This is one of tyson's " MATHEMATICAL NATURE" paintings. This means that he has applied the paint to the aluminium, in a mathematical order. The nature paintings(2005-2008) are a mixture of paints, pigments and chemicals which are allowed to interact in specific ways upon an acid primed aluminium panel. For me they are very expressive and playful and at the same time planned and organised. Over twenty nature painting were shown at the Tullie House in the highly successful exhibition which attracted over 6000 visitors. The series makes visual allusions to the natural world, geological strata, cell formations and the cosmos.

I was influenced by the diversity of his style. His colour combinations are very powerful and expressive. His paintings seemed very playful yet scientic to me. The forms and colours are determined not by the artist hand, but by the realtion between specifically mixed paints and chemicals poured at different angels and temperature.


I did two small installations for my studio practice. I collected waste plastic bottles, threads and ballons and tried different combinations with them. It took me a little while to form something interesting. I ended up making a bunch of flowers kind of thing. People interpret this in their own way. My group crits regarding this were good. Its kind of best out of waste.
It was really difficult to fix all them together, but somehow I managed it with the threads. I liked it in a way, because i have used things which people normally throw or discard it. It was fun doing it.

This work is again with the same concept- creating something interesting out of the waste. I cutted a bottle from the lower half and by using a screwdriver i created holes all through the bottle. then inserted straws all over it and even used wires to fix them in a systematic way.
Both of these work seems contrast in a way, like the first one resembles a bunch of flowers and the next one reminds me of thornes on the flowers.



John Baldessari is an american conceptual artist. His work is mainly centered in photographic images. Initially he incorporated texts and photography into his canvases. He worked in different mediums like printmaking, film, video, installation, sculpture, and photography.

His series Noses and Ears, etc: The Gemini Series was done in 2006 where he edits all the details of the face except from the noses and ears and then combines it with solid colors thus transforming it into a silhoutte. He either covers the whole face with a colorful dot or just highlights the nose and the ear by obscuring specific portions of the face.

 As a practitioner i find this art work very interesting because it intrigues the mind of a viewer in a way. It also grab's one's attention. The way he manipulates the photograph by streesing only on the nose and the ear makes it a fascinatiing piece of work. His work creates an anxiousness forcing us to think who might be the person behind the image. All these image looks quite flat to me. The second picture from the right on the top depicts range of abstraction, from face, which is in single colour to the tie and the shirt, which is extract detail.

Baldessari is genius at peeling things of their normality- their context, their form, their background and their situation- and then seeing what emerges. He is trying to exclude common view of the people.