Tuesday, 1 May 2012


Keith tyson is a british artist (August 23, 1969) and the winner of turner prize in 2002. He works in wide range of media like painting, drawing and installation. Science has always been an inspiration for him. For his latest work, which is an inspiration for me, he poured the paint on aluminium and letting the natural process do the rest.
This is one of tyson's " MATHEMATICAL NATURE" paintings. This means that he has applied the paint to the aluminium, in a mathematical order. The nature paintings(2005-2008) are a mixture of paints, pigments and chemicals which are allowed to interact in specific ways upon an acid primed aluminium panel. For me they are very expressive and playful and at the same time planned and organised. Over twenty nature painting were shown at the Tullie House in the highly successful exhibition which attracted over 6000 visitors. The series makes visual allusions to the natural world, geological strata, cell formations and the cosmos.

I was influenced by the diversity of his style. His colour combinations are very powerful and expressive. His paintings seemed very playful yet scientic to me. The forms and colours are determined not by the artist hand, but by the realtion between specifically mixed paints and chemicals poured at different angels and temperature.

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