Thursday, 23 August 2012

Wall Painting

 Heellooo guys!! Hope you all are having great time. To long i haven't posted anything. Last week i did two wall paintings for the first time. Initially i was a bit nervous that  i don't spoil my walls, but gradually it came out to be good. Describing about the floral pattern, i used brush and acrylic color, only black. First i drew the pattern on a paper and then on the wall using a glass marking pencil. Working on walls becomes more tough then working on canvas or any other surface. Needs a lot of patience and concentration. Overall it was creative and useful. 

This painting was more exhausting than the previous one. I used like 24 different acrylic colors. That's toooooo much i know!!!!....First i chopped different shapes on the mounting board and drew it in a pattern form on the walls. Using knife i formed different textures in each shape which became very interesting. To be more precise the pattern goes a bit on ceiling as well which becomes more fascinating. Enjoyed a lot doing both these paintings.

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