Saturday, 27 April 2013


  • English Painter
  • Foremost exponent of Op Art.
  • Currently lives and works in London, Cornwall and France.
  • Seductive use of colors and shapes.
  • very persistent work with firm definite qualities and themes of patterns, repetition and sequence. 
  • Stare long enough and her work actually bulge and move and they seem to come growing.
  • A sense of movement, pattern and organic feel.
  • One tends to go hot and cold while analyzing her work.
  • Her work tends to glimmer and move, catching viewer's visual tension.
  • Looking at her work gives you a feeling that a painting is not always constant.

Fall, 1963, Bridget Riley

  • In her painting "Fall", she was taking a single form and was analyzing its essence.
  • This painting of her opens the door of perception, sucking you into another proportion where nothing is so sure and all is repeated.
  • A great visual effort is required to browse the shape of the strips, as they get dense towards the bottom.
  • For her a curve actually is a rise or fall of a straight line.
  • Because of repeated abstract marks and optical sensations, your eye does not know where to rest.
  • I often end up seeing color even though they are painted in black and white.
  • Connection between 'stability and instability, security and insecurity'.
  • hypnotize the eye.
  • Using of repeated forms and lines depict her work.

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