Saturday, 27 April 2013


  • Jewish German-born American sculptor.
  • Her pioneering work in materials such as Latex, fiberglass and plastics.
  • A dynamic and Multi-faceted communication of two-dimensional and three-dimensional work can be experienced.
  • Moving around her sculpture, one senses an optical and dynamic correspondence to chamber music, in which each melodious line is expressed by a single player.
  • Associated with the mid-1960s post-minimalism anti-form trend in sculpture.
  • Her art is often viewed in light.
  • Led the move from minimalism to Post minimalism.

Eva Hesse. Right After, 1969.

  • Comes to be floating in space.
  • Piece tends to be caught in between of two adverse forces; the effect of gravity could be experienced through the delicate curve of the wires as they descent downwards, while invisible wires keep the sculpture suspended in the air.
  • No loose ends, giving a sense of continuity and completion.
  • Associating a light source into the structure of the artwork.
  • Made entirely of bright lines hanging in loops from dark mental hooks, these blend into chaotic bunch.
  • Using lines as an approach of constructing, disconnecting and assembling.
  • These drooping lines of her mark shapes are apparent in wide range of her work.

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