Saturday, 27 April 2013


Giving actual meaning to something becomes really important at a particular point of time. Because i was working with threads, now i wanted to discover a new scenario out of it. We had to prepare ourselves for our final studio practice. I definitely wanted to work with thread, but this time not just a big piece on wall. After a bit of research, i thought to do some shoots with thread. For this shoot, my housemate helped me out a lot. I did that in my room, hanging threads between two of mine cupboards. I did not had any concept behind it at that point of time. But after that shoot, i realized that i opened a new door for myself. WOMEN AGONY is something which i discovered from it. They grow through torture and seek for a fresh light which they might not get throughout their life. It was not really a big thing, but i think it provided me with new ideas and a way to carry my studio practice further.

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