Friday, 22 March 2013


2nd year semester 2. Time to get serious about my work. Wanted to move away from my small, boring and lonely studio space. I booked the installation room for almost a week. As usual did not plan anything in before. Just knew that because i am working with patterns, lines and shapes wanted to use this wall (approx 30ft long * 20ft height) creatively. I am using black wool in this. Originally was just going to do one-fourth of the whole wall, but i am blessed with perfect friend circle who inspired me to continue over the whole wall. Started by sticking every bit with blue tack. I thought i would never finish this. It was taking all of my time and energy. To install it, worked around 6 hours daily for 5 days. But truly, for me it was a great stepping stone. It added a lot more to my studio practice and a lot more to think about. After installing it had a bit of funny moments (sorry cannot upload all of them :p) with my friend Markos and Mary (photo courtesy).

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