Friday, 22 March 2013


Given few weeks to complete, this project seemed a bit tiring at first, as we had to manage our studio practice with it. But now when I look back, I am glad to have supportive team members, whom I worked cooperatively with, to complete everything together.

Working in collaboration was a great experience. Initially we had problems managing everyone’s time and their schedule. Many group meeting did actually succeed. To improve it, we would set the agenda prior to meet-up, and usually came prepared with the materials we wanted to share and discuss. With better organization we developed a sense of understanding among ourselves for group work and all of us took certain typical tasks related to group work like funding, documentation, press release, curator, and administrator. I was assigned to look after funding and managing the budget for the entire group. We managed to stick to our budget and carry the whole exhibition more efficiently. I don’t know what kind of experiences my group members had with the group and me during the entire module, but I had pleasant experiences with them and I learned a lot from them. I was really pleased about the final installation. This was not actually what we thought of, rather it came out more successfully. Because it had to do more with the people, it brought many different creative ideas together. I learned the importance of communication when working in a group, for others can always notice what one ignores. Also, one idea could be conveyed in different manners, and could lead to totally different results. Therefore, we should find the most productive way to communicate our thoughts and ideas towards the group. 

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