Friday, 25 October 2013


It feels like yesterday that i started my course! Start of my final year seems really exciting with new tutors and my little studio space. Luckily again i have got a corner in my space that i always wanted to, so that i can work 3D. This year we have 2 modules to concentrate on 1. Studio practice 2. dissertation. Working with the concept of lines, as usual i have nothing planned out. i had got these threads from back home which seems really colorful and traditional. To start, thought to do a 3D work in the corner of my wall. Really want to explore that how different colors of thread work together. I might put up this work for my upcoming Letch-worth exhibition. Resembles spider-web, that is what my friends told me. May be i would do a whole room like that for my later studio work. Considering my first tutorial, which went on quite well, my tutor thought that lines in form of threads have started becoming more predictable in a way. If line is the main area of research, then why only in form of threads? that is the main question she was concerned about. She liked the piece of work though. I am not going to stop my thread work but may be collaborate with other materials.


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