Monday, 5 August 2013


Sitting on the swing next to my garden, i thought there is something lacking in the place(garden) i see everyday. Working with thread for my studio practice, i thought something interesting can be done with it in the natural environment rather than in a closed place like my studio. Without thinking further, i just started tying threads from one tree to another hoping something refreshing to turn out at the end.
To tie further up the trees i was using ladder. This installation in the beginning reminded me of the our exhibition "TIMELINE" at Ramada hotel which we did in our second year as a part of the course. Multicolored threads were used. 
Top view of the installation.

After a while i was so exhausted that instead of tying the threads from one tree to another, i was just throwing, leaving them to be loosed and tangled at some point which actually made it more interesting. 

To make it more stable and safe i was even using pillars.

After a while the weather started getting a bit gloomy and shadowy. I was just hoping that it should not rain because that would create a lot of pressure on the whole installation and would push it more downwards. But yes of course, everything does not go right. There was heavy rainfall and wind for like an hour and i thought this is the end for it. The whole installation was like a pendulum going to and fro. 
Not bad. Instead of destroying it, this rain made it more interesting. The loose threads got heavy and descended down towards the garden and the tightened ones remained as they were.  

A decent sunshine next day.

I think it was almost done.

Some of my friends thought it looked like a spider, some thought like a bridge. It was a connection for me with the environment.

i projected lights during night. It was like a decoration which gave a cooling effect in its surrounding.

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