Thursday, 31 July 2014


Does god prefer men? These kinds of question arise in our mind. Women all over the world are hurt emotionally and physically. It is absolutely, sarcastic that in India, which has given boost to supporter of peace and non-violence, women have to bear the brunt of violence-domestic as well as public, physical as well as emotional and mental. Year by year this aspect is becoming dangerous and serious.
The concept ‘BLACK’ illustrates another world designed by our society for women, where they undergo violent acts. Aggression and aggravation no longer alarm us. Though from outside this elegant and fancy world serves to all our needs, deep within women’s voices regarding these critical issues have rarely been heard. Coloring threads in this installation depicts the beautiful world in contrast to the women (mannequin) who have suffered over ages.

The reason why i have use threads in this installation is:-
From the time we are born and until we die we wear clothes. Clothes are made from threads. So thread is a material which is very close to a human being. 

Title "BLACK" :-
Black colour resembles fear, dull feeling, loneliness. All negative words strike our mind. To showcase the life of the women/girls i have titled it as above.

The complete 3D structure demonstrates the beautiful and the fancy world we are staying in which looks attractive and pleasing from outside. On the other hand, the lives of women/girls inside it are neglected most of the time.   

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